ET and AL-D – INEVITABLE review


by Nathan Conrad


When I think of the Nashville hip hop scene I think about AL-D and ET. ET is one of the most solid and honest emcees I have met. His beats subtly demand a head nod while his rhymes command respect as they pop outĀ of the drumbeat efficiently. AL-D hits the tracks with a laid-back vibe reminiscent of LA SYMPHONY. He has been a major contributor to the hip hop community known for his work with Meant for the Milk Crate. He has a radio show on Radio Free Nashville and always throws a good party stocked full of some of the best rappers in town. Inevitable is a great blend of both emcees over beats from ET, GUMMY SOUL, Father Jah, Noshess and more. There are some great features on this album including a banger from Pow Shadowz. Inevitable is the type of album thats impression has continued to grow on me with every listen. I have to applaud ET and Al-D for working with a real horn section, for amazing original samples on select tracks. My hope for this project is a vinyl release. After all, ET and AL-D are meant for the milk crate.