2014 was amazing part 1

I have a short list of fun and fulfilling records I have been listening to this past year. There are many more notable mentions, but we don’t have all the time in the world do we?

David Bazan’s Monthly: Volume 1 release is really great and continues to show his versatility as time goes on. If you’re looking for Pedro the Lion lyrics with Headphones beats, look no further.

Then you have Weezer’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Fun record, Fun guys. 1990’s, here we come.

68’s In Humor and Sadness returns Josh Scogin, from Norma Jean and The Chariot, to rock n roll. If you loved hardcore or loud rock n roll this is the record for you.

The Raw Boys self titled release is fun and energetic. Reminds me of Clutch and late 70s noise bands. Check it out here. http://therawboys.bandcamp.com/

Spoken Nerd’s WE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD AFTER ALL is probably the best release I’ve heard this year. Nathan Conrad’s style has evolved from hip hop to a much broader mix of styles ranging from pop to shoegaze. So much fun; so little time.

Looking for Straight Hip Hop. Look no further than kidDEAD’s Rap and Destroy. Lyrics like, “It keeps the peace, but it keeps me beat,” are fun and reminiscent of past times.

2014 was busy for legend Ryan Adams who had multiple releases, and it was all great! He put out a self titled record and an EP that is sure to please.

Promos released as well:

  • 2014: Jacksonville/I Keep Running/Walkedypants (Limited Edition 7″)
  • 2014: Vampires” (7″)
  • 2014: Do You Laugh When You Lie?” (7″)


I am really excited about Cantalouper’s record coming soon as well.

Til next time,